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7 Mistakes Job-Seekers Over 50 Make

A good portion of the e-mail I receive is from readers over age 50 who are looking for work after a layoff. Many tell me they found their last job more than a decade ago, in the classifieds of their…


14 Job Interview Problems & Solutions for Baby Boomers

The economy is struggling. With unemployment high and rising to levels not seen for a while and no discernible turnaround in sight, it means challenges for all job and career seekers. Those in transition do face uphill climbs in these troubled employment…

Information Technology Jobs : Apply Here

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Top 10 Tips for Older Job Hunters

Thanks to their seniority, folks 55 and older were once less likely than their younger co-workers to be laid off during a recession. Not this time around. Steep manufacturing cuts have hit older workers particularly hard. And even in workplaces…


8 Ways To Age Proof Your Resume

8 Ways to Age Proof Your Resume: Preparing a resume that emphasizes your value is a good first step to preparing for your job search. Here are eight ways to age-proof your resume: 1. Don’t provide your complete work history:…


8 Interview Questions & Answers for Older Workers ¤

Here are eight sticky questions that older job candidates often encounter—with several appropriate responses to each:“You appear to be overqualified for this position. Won’t you get bored?”• ” You are an excellent company. You deserve excellence in employees. “• ”…


10 Tough Q & A’s for Older Workers

    You have the “perfect job” interview tomorrow. Your skills and experience look as if they match the job description. But have you practiced your answers to potential questions. Guess what it is more than likely that some of…


¤ 6 Easy Ways To Beat Negative Stereotypes As A Older Worker ¤

Despite legislation prohibiting it, age is a common factor in hiring decisions. This is especially true for older workers who must combat a number of negative stereotypes, specifically that they are less energetic, enthusiastic and creative. Recruiting managers have confirmed…