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10 Tough Q & A’s for Older Workers

    You have the “perfect job” interview tomorrow. Your skills and experience look as if they match the job description. But have you practiced your answers to potential questions. Guess what it is more than likely that some of…


¤ 6 Easy Ways To Beat Negative Stereotypes As A Older Worker ¤

Despite legislation prohibiting it, age is a common factor in hiring decisions. This is especially true for older workers who must combat a number of negative stereotypes, specifically that they are less energetic, enthusiastic and creative. Recruiting managers have confirmed…


10 Steps for Online Career and Job Networking

         Let’s start with the big question.Why?What is the point of doing online networking for your career? How is it any better than simply keeping in touch with people you know via email or at meetings? Isn’t…


Career Shift at Age 40 – 5 Steps To Success

If you are forty-plus and want to change careers, you’re probably shaking in your boots. Children. Homes. Bills. All of these things cause you to pause when you think about leaving your job. Yet, you’re miserable. You want a change….


Older Job Seekers:Top 5 Resume Myths De-Bunked

 It can be very confusing for an older job seeker to prepare a “perfect resume” in today’s world. So I ask the thousands of recruiting experts and career coach’s what should an older job seeker do? Are they really myths…


100 Tips & Tools For Job-Hunters Over 45

Finding a job isn’t easy for anyone these days, but older workers may face some special challenges when it comes to finding new employment. While illegal, ageism isn’t uncommon in hiring and many older job seekers may find that their…