About Us

Bobby Edelman is the founder of Interns Over 40.  He currently is dedicated to helping older workers develop the skills to find new careers. Internsoverforty.com, the website he created, has been instrumental in helping hundred of thousands of older workers to make successful career transitions.

In 2009, during a two-month drive across the United States, he found and talked with an increasing number of people over 40, working in dozens of coffee shops, trying to reinvent their career. As he sat sipping coffee in Boulder, Colorado he realized that older skilled workers lacked a place to educate themselves about what was needed in the current economic climate to find a job. The world had moved from paper resumes to LinkedIn profiles and was a very different place because past success no longer functioned as an indicator of future success. This realization led to the creation of Interns Over Forty.

Interns Over Forty has continued to help those in their 40′s, 50′s and even 70′s learn how to overcome the many myths discouraging the hiring of “older workers”. The popular list of  “49 Benefits to Hiring Older Skilled Workers” that appeared on this website is just one example of the information available showing innovative ways to pursue a new career, second career, or just finding a new job.

Edelman has spent the last thirty-five years building successful and innovative businesses, including a political consulting firm, electronic components distribution, HVAC distribution and Internet streaming media.

You can Learn more about Interns Over 40 at www.internsoverforty.com or connect with Bobby Edelman on Linkedin at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobedelman/