10 Best Jobs for Women Over 40

What do you think of this list of jobs. Is it just pure BS or do you agree? Be sure to comment below. A nationwide survey from “More” asked midlife women to define the most important elements of a great job including salary and benefits. With top salaries at over $141,000 dollars for a C.T.O. and starting salaries for Local Farmers at $35,020. (Editor’s note)

10 Best Jobs for Over 40 Women:

  1. “Community Service Coordinator/Manager(volunteer coordinator, program director)Salary: Most earn $42,110 to $73,470
  2. Personal Financial Adviser(financial planner)Salary: Most earn $46,390 to $119,290
  3. Environmental Scientist(hydrologist, environmental ecologist, environmental chemist, ecological modeler)Salary: Most earn $45,340 to $78,980 
  4. Registered Nurse(critical care, emergency, oncology, clinical)Salary: Most earn $51,640 to $76,570
  5.  Computer and Information Systems Manager(chief technology officer, management information systems (MIS) director, information technology (IT) director)Salary: Most earn $88,240 to $141,890 
  6. Education Administrator(principal, assistant principal, provost, dean of students, school district administrator, director of student services)Salary: Most earn $68,360 to $102,830 (elementary and secondary school) 
  7. Strategic/Crisis Communication Professional(crisis manager, strategic communication specialist)Salary: Most earn $38,400 to $71,670 
  8. Accountant(public accountant, management accountant, government accountant, internal auditor)Salary: Most earn $45,900 to $78,210 
  9. Human Resources Specialist(job analyst, compensation manager, employee benefits manager, training and development manager, recruiter)Salary: Most earn $35,020 to $67,730 
  10. Small-Scale Niche Farmer Salary: Most earn $26,800 to $76,230″

Read Full Story: More.com by Kate Ashford

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      1. Anonymous

        Pure BS. Just cause I'm over 40 doesn't mean I want to sit on my butt all day behind a desk. These job types make me want to plan my funeral cause they seem like all we are doing is just waiting to die.

      2. Anonymous

        I have been out of work for over 12 months. I have extensive experience in office Administration, PA and account management. I am at a lost where to go to find employment as all the website I am appling on does not seem to be working. It is once you hit 45 years old business believes you are past your working life. As I am married I am not entitled to government benifits. I can not get any

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