¤ Dealing With Gaps In Employment On Your Resume Or CV ¤

Many times during a job search you may find yourself having to explain an extended “gap in employment” on your resume. This may be due to job or life changes:including children, career transition or family sick leave. Susan gives some excellent suggestions on how to deal with this issue in a simple and effective way.(Editor’s Note)



  1. Anonymous

    This is a very simplistic &quot;solution&quot; to a more troubling trend in the American workplace whereby employers seem to have blinders on when it comes to the severity of this new economy.<br />Perhaps a better solution is to rally for legislation specifically protecting older workers and the long-term unemployed–both of which have no real protection in the workplace these days.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes because legislation has prevented financial collapse, kept unemployment low and preserved the middle class. Instead of worrying about fairness of the process, the people getting jobs in this market are making themselves valuable to potential employers and, therefore, worth the commitment of hiring.<br /><br />If you are having problems finding a job, look in the mirror and figure out what is

  3. Anonymous

    Susan, I have done useful tasks to help my job search, including Microsoft Access and SQL. How do I put that on my resume?<br /><br />Dan

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, very simplistic answer(and yes simplistic is the word I meant to use). If a Resume is the place to put down that I spent three years as a stay at home dad, then why spend the time and effort to write a cover letter??? My cover letter is where I put down that one gap I spent racing bikes and another was when I was a stay at home parent and took online training course work. If the employer

  5. Anonymous

    The problem with this advice is that it does nothing to help when you are filling out an online application which doesn&#39;t give you the opportunity to be creative. I think this website needs to move into this century regarding how resumes are used now.

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