Does Smiling When You Enter An Interview Help?

Preparing for an interview is important. But it can be overwhelming. So do you smile when you enter an interview?

It may matter. Have you done your salary research before you interview for a new job? The interview tips on this video can help.(Editor’s Notes)

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    1. Great video. and yes, smiling is extremely important.<br /><br />Statistically, body language accounts for 85% of the impact of a message (the actual words you choose only account for 7%).<br /><br />This means that it&#39;s not what you say, but how you project yourself when you say it. :)<br /><br />You can find body languag tips and other video resume / interviewing tips at http://

    2. I agree. If you will enter the interview with this phrase on your lips: &quot;I know a secret,&quot; it will leave an impression that you are confident and change your attitude to coming across as a winner better than anyone else in the process.

    3. Of course, smiling is important. Why? Well, it conveys &quot;friendliness&quot; or liking where you are….<br />Which is like a compliment to those that are interviewing you….<br />And who gravatates to someone who isn&#39;t smiling….<br /><br />Peggy

    4. Anonymous

      Smiling is always a good thing, but this is especially true when you are on the telephone or on a job interview. Be sure to extend your right hand at the same time you interview in person. Be self-confident and positive.

    5. Anonymous

      A smile on your face goes a long way in business transactions, including interviews. You want to come across as positive, friendly and the right person for the job.

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