The End Of The American (Global) Dream Of The Middle Class?

Is it really the end of the American (Global) Dream? (Or for that matter: Greece, UK,Italy, Ireland,Australia, etc). After World War II our parents had expectations that their future would consist of a good paying job, a home for their family and a solid education for their children.

With a little help from the Government, Labor Unions and Hard working Americans the economy began to expand resulting in the growth of businesses, confident consumers purchasing an every expanding variety of goods/services and most of us smiling all the way to the bank. The quality of life for the middle class was shining brightly for a few DECADES.

 But so much has changed in 50 years. The Financial Institutions: Banks,Mortgage Companies, Credit Card Companies are gone or corrupted. Just think about the current Facebook IPO who won big: the small retail investor or the large commercial underwriters? The Public Unions are a shadow of their previous role and government is in a state of ineffective chaos. The economic and political divide between the wealthy and the middle class has grown and with it some of the American Dream seems to have died.

We have gone from a country of shared values to a country of my values (or else). So very :((((.   What do you think? As a job seeker are you ready to wrestle your way back to embrace the dreams of the middle class?

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  1. "The American Dream" is exactly that, a dream and illusion which was specific to a 40-60 year period in the mid 20th century for Americans of European ancestry. Now we have returned to the economics of exploitation charterized by the majority of our history, slavery, serfdon and genocide only we are now based in a service economy instead of an agriarian one. Quickly review all of

  2. This video makes me sick. The American dream is not about having the expectation that the government is going to make sure there are good paying jobs out there. The American dream is about the opportunity to create your own prosperity. America was never set up to become a socialistic society, but everyone buys into the fact they don't have to take personal responsibility for their own lives.

  3. Anonymous

    Doug,<br />You are very naive. In western capitalism money influences public policy. Wonder why we grow corn that is converted to ethanol? $$. Wonder why we have cars and not trains and trolleys- automobile and oil companies. (fyi read history of Los Angeles Transportation). Wonder why USA Corps do not repatriate corporate profits. Government Tax Law. It is not about conspiracy theories it is

  4. Ernie

    Gee.. I thought the video was going to show how government investment in things like space exploration and the Arpanet technology (which lead to the internet)enabled this country to prosper. That was a positive unintended consequence.<br /><br /><br />I played by the rules and saw my 401K lose $250K and my home value lose another $300K. Why? because the government meddled and forced banks to

  5. Anonymous

    Ernie,<br />I do not think it is the intent to help you find a job, but to perhaps think or act one way or the other.<br />BTW you should go to the home page and read some of the other great articles that should help your job seeking efforts at

  6. Ernie

    Oh, and by the way. The space program and the Arpanet.. Defense programs. The home ownership debacle.. a Social program.

  7. AntiUnion American

    What a load of crap! This Union sponsored propaganda piece is exactly what is wrong with this country. The Unions are in bed with the government and are applying a chokehold on growth. I can&#39;t believe this garbage was passed through to me via this blog. How irresponsible! If anything Obama has cozied up to the big unions, Wall Street whores and billionaire club to stick it to the hard working

  8. Anonymous

    The dream is dying because people with the Obama mentality want to kill it. America was doing great before the liberal mindset took hold. Get rid of unions, handouts, and Obama. Lets get back to prosperity and happiness!

  9. Anonymous

    The facts are indisputable. The richest 1% are running the country, getting richer every day, and gaming the system like never before. And they do not have the interests of the other 99% in mind. Everyone else is going backward. Unless you win the lotto, you will never be rich! The chances are far better you&#39;ll be unemployed and homeless. When are regular people going to figure this out? <br

  10. Anonymous

    The article contained quite a bit of historical truth; also, it chose to skip the unions&#39; finest hour- the heavy industry and mining strikes in 1890s – 1930s. There certainly was an element of socialism active in the society starting with FDR and it is certainly absent today. I&#39;m not a socialist, but under which system was the little guy better off? Can&#39;t deny facts.

  11. The problem was that the dream was funded by debt. The speed of growth in the standard of living was achieved as a result of increasing debt. Short term desires superceded common sense – and the banking industry grew fat on the desire for credit. For me it&#39;s interesting to think about whether the banking crisis was one of demand ie. consumers caused it, or supply ie. the banks drove it.

  12. Anonymous

    This article needs spell checking(when was the quality of life for the middle class &quot;shinning&quot;?, fact checking, and reality checking.

  13. Wow. Serious confusion about the nature of the problem:<br /><br />The supply of labor has gone up and the demand has fallen. As a result, labor is less expensive.<br /><br />Productivity rises ~1.6% a year. It takes fewer workers every year to get a certain amount of work done.<br /><br />Women have entered he workforce in large numbers. Women in college now outnumber men. Nothing wrong

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