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Cover Letters That Get Interviews:Career Transition eBooks and Video Workshops

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Cover Letters That Get Interviews:Covering The 4 Critical Stages Of Any Successful Job Search. Learn the specifics about how to combat this age bias by acquiring one, or more, of the eBook-Video combos described here.  These in-depth offerings show you specifically how to avoid the “unemployment gap”.  By using the information contained in them, you’ll find yourself getting more interviews, more job opportunities, and jump-starting…

3 Critical Pass Or Fail Points During A Job Search.


This eGuide consists of four separate sections. You may have acquired one, or more, of these sections. Each section is self-contained, and can be used stand-alone. Each was designed to fully explain a single subject, so you can absorb it easily to improve an important part of your job search. Each deals with a Critical…